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Miss Mesa. Miss Pippi/Sammy girl. 
With MANY more Pics, Health Info, Important Health Links, my pups and dogs Grandparents & Great Grandparents, Past Puppies, etc.
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               Sandy Ayer CTD, Certified DogTrainer 
 Graduate of National K-9 School for Dog Trainers,                                    Columbus OH. 1997

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Beautiful straight backs, Gentle giants, Oversized, Large boned, Old fashioned style,                                    German Shepherd puppies for sale, some plush coated.
My dogs are AKC Registered German Shepherds.  
My few SHILOH 'bloodlines' dogs come from the same AKC 
German Shepherds that were used in 'originating' the Shiloh Shepherds. My dogs are not Shiloh Shepherds or King Shepherds. 

(This information notice notice has been on my site since it was first 
put up with the wording never changed. I am very knowledgeable and 
thorough at explaining this to anyone who inquires about this.)
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Prior past pups on original site. 

** FOR SALE: DOWNSIZING. Due to family health issues looking for loving home for  Adult Male 3 years old. Serious inquiries only please. No Shipping. Located in WV. Housebroken. Girl doggies should go w/boy dogs or no dogs and boys w/girls or no dogs. All are long coat.  1/26/2021.  Also  AVAILABLE: YOUNG Dogs- I have decided to let my 1.8 year old Female young adult go.  PICTURES  
Available: On my other site.